How to choose your spring cover

The criteria to choose your spring cover are :

  • Now the real size of your trampoline. Be aware that their exist several non standard – weird sizes. If this is your case, please read the page of advise for selecting the right spring cover.
  • Quality : you can usually trust the price level which reflects the quality of the surround padding. For technician minded people, please consult our page on quality specification for spring cover.
  • Spring length : depending on the length of your spring, you will need a wider pad. Typically, a 13″ wide pad will cover a 6″ spring, but you will need a 16″ padding to properly cover 8.5″ spring.
  • More is not always better. For example, a top quality 42 cm wide pad will last longer, but, if installed on a cheap trampoline with 14 cm spring, it will push down on the bed. Such a surround pad is too heavy and wide for such a cheap trampoline.  It leans on the mat and consequently claps at every bounce, which can be very annoying.
  • Don’t be cheap : the spring cover is a fragile but expensive part of your trampoline. During the life of the frame, you will need to change your padd once or twice, this is normal. But with a cheap padding, you might need to replace it every year, which is not cost effective.
  • Install a cover so your spring cover will last longer. Even with top quality pads, the sun and the weather will be harsh on your pad, especially the external envelop. The cover, which is a lot cheaper than the safety pad, will create a layer of protection.
    Of course, in winter, the best place for your spare parts like the pad is your garage, especially when the trampoline is not being used several month at a time.