How to choose your trampoline bed

In order to find the right bed for your trampoline, you will need some informations.

For round trampoline :

You need 3 basic data :

  • External diameter of your trampoline : more tricky than it seems !!! Please read carefully the instructions contain in the linked page.
  • Length of your spring : to be measured from end of hook to end of hook. Please consult our spring page for guidance.
  • Number of spring : check it twice or even three times.
    you can count the number of triangle on your old mat or also count the spring holes in the framework.

    • Trick : you can count the holes on one tube and multiply by the number of tubes.
    • Trick N°2 : the result should be a multiple of 8. Sometimes, it’s only a multiple of 4. An uneven number of spring is in any case an incorrect result.

For rectangular trampoline

You need 4 informations :

  • External size of your trampoline : length and width. This measures must be taken from the outside of the frame.
  • Length of your spring : to be measured from end of hook to end of hook. Check that the spring in the length are the same size as the spring in the width, as it may not be.
    Sometimes, springs mounted on the width are smaller.
  • Number of spring on the length
  • Number of spring on the width.
  • Is there a spring on the trampoline corner

For oval trampoline

An oval trampoline will actually be measured the same way as for a rectangular one. For the length, we will therefore need the longest dimension.