Quality criteria of spring covers

The spring cover is compulsory on a trampoline and is a key feature for your security. This cushion is made from an external envelop with foam inside in order to protect the jumper when he falls onto the structure or the springs. This security part is therefore here not to protect the trampoline, but to secure the jumper.

A warning sign must be visible on the surround pad to inform users of basic security rules.

The different components that can be checked for quality are :

  • The envelop around the pad : usually made from PVC, it will enssure that the foam is insulated from weather conditions and that the pad will last longer. A cheap padding has a thin blanket that will sometimes last no more than one year.
  • The foam is the material that is actually the core of the pad. It should be with closed cells : it prevents water to enter the cells and so each cells stays filled with air, which make the system working as a cushion.
  • The thickness of the pad is also an essential criteria, but it must be combined with the density. The density of the foam is rarely given in product data sheet but is in fact more important than the thickness.
    Two 1″ thick spring cover can be very different, depending on the foam density.
  • Stitches of the envelop are here to guaranty that the surround pad will keep it’s shape in the future and for a long time.
  • String and connection system are also a key feature to help you to fasten the spring cover to the frame of your trampoline. You need several of them but you also need good stitches for them so they will not be destroyed after a few bumps. A good security pad that does not stay in position because the string are broken will of course be useless.