Spring cover for a non-standard trampoline

Choosing the right spring cover can sometimes be tricky, especially since all producer do not respect trampoline sizes.

Standard trampoline sizes are 08ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft but may not be respected by some European resellers. Indeed, 14 ft equal 427 centimetre but you can find on the market 420 cm, or 425 cm or 430 cm frame sizes. And those trampoline can also be sold in Britain. Therefore : always measure your trampoline before buying a spare part or accessory.

Concerning the spring cover, a non standard trampoline size means obviously a difference in the perimeter.  Reminder : to calculate the circumference of a circle, multiply the diameter by Pi (∏ is a fixed value equal to 3.14).
The difference in-between the circumference of a standard trampoline and your trampoline can obviously be a serious issue.

Let’s take the example of a 12ft frame, which should be 366 cm. 360 cm and 370 cm can also be found in the market.

  • If you buy a 12ft spring cover (366 cm) and install it on a 360 cm frame :
    the pad will be too big and will make a “wave” at one place, thus leaving some spring uncovered.
    Or the pad will be on the very outside of the frame, and so all the spring extremity won’t be covered.
    The circumference difference is here 19 cm (7.5″).
    The solution here are :

    • either find a pad that feet exactly a 360 cm trampoline (around 11.8ft)
    • or you must cut some of the foam (7.5 inches). In this case : you must be able to access the foam and to fold the envelop so as to install the pad properly.
  • If you buy a 12ft padding and try to install it on a 370 cm frame (around 12.14ft), then your surround pad will be too small.
    The solution here can be too choose a pad wider than necessary (if your spring are 6.5″, then choose a pad that cover 8.5″ springs). This way, you might be able too stretch the pad a bit so that it covers every part of the frame and all the springs.

In any case and if you have any doubt, please contact us for help and advises.