Trampoline sizes

From 4 standard sizes to 25 existing sizes…

As they originated in the US, trampoline common sizes are naturally in feet. The main common diameter of the frame are consequently :

  • 8 feet – 244 cm
  • 10 feet – 305 cm
  • 12 feet – 366 cm
  • 14 feet – 427 cm

Of course, some producer propose other dimension to wider their range :

  • with smaller trampoline like 6 or 7ft
  • with intermediate sizes like 11 or 13ft
  • with bigger trampoline like 15, 16 or even 17ft.

We always advise our customer to choose a standard sizes (8 – 10 – 12 – 14) as it is then easier to find spare parts and accessories. Also, we do not advise to purchase a trampoline bigger than 14ft : those huge trampoline offer less rebound as the player jump too far from the spring.

So we obtain 4 main trampoline sizes, and 7 secondary sizes in feet.
But here comes the real difficulty : numerous trampoline in Europe are sold with a measurement expressed in centimetres or are even built in centimetres.

The reason, for example, is that 427 cm is simply a weird size when expressed in centimetre. It makes simply no sense for a French, a Dutch or a German consumer. Why 427 and not 428 or even 426,43 cm ? Few people know that 427 cm correspond in fact to 14 feet (almost : the number is closer to 426,72 cm).
And after all, a British would find silly to buy a 11′ 5.8” trampoline! But 11′ 5.8” is simply 350 cm, which sounds perfectly normal for any European living on the other side of the English Channel.

Consequently, trampoline reseller on the continent might ask there factory to build a 430 cm trampoline which is a round number, or 425 cm (also a round number), or even 420 cm (round and cheap).
To add to the confusion, resellers on the continent might label, on internet pages or on paper, « 430 cm » a trampoline that is actually 14ft (427 cm) or just 425 cm. More rarely, a trampoline tagged 427 cm can actually be 430 cm.

Those weird sized trampoline can well be sold also in Britain (by Supermarket chain or threw the Internet).
The result of this nightmare is simple : never trust what is written, simply check it yourself and measure your trampoline.

Indeed, a difference even of 1 inch (2,5 cm) in the real diameter of the trampoline can mean a great deal when selecting the right trampoline accessories or spare parts. Lets take for example the size 12 which normally  is 366 cm. There is a good chance that your trampoline is actually 360 cm, which is a 6 cm difference (2.4″).
If this is the case :

  • Selecting a 366 cm surround pad would mean that the pad is 19 cm too long (7.5″).
    With a bit of luck, you can cut it too the right side (if you can access the foam). If not, such a pad would create a « wave » at one point of the frame, thus leaving the spring reachable.
  • Selecting a 366 cm netting could be ok, or not, depending on several criteria. A net design to be close to the mat could fit, but an enclosure designed to be on the outside might be too loose.
  • Selecting a mat designed for a 12ft diameter would mean of course that the jumping bad would be totally flabby on your 360 cm trampoline and offer no rebound at all.

Knowing exactly what is the real size of your trampoline is consequently the first step before buying a trampoline accessories or spare parts.

Below, the chart shows all the known trampoline sizes, both expressed in feet and in centimetre.

UK size
EU size
140 cm 440 cm
6′ 183 cm 575 cm
7′ 213 cm 669 cm
7.5′ 228 cm 716 cm
240 cm 754 cm
8′ 244cm 766 cm
8.25′ 251 cm 788 cm
300 cm 942 cm
10′ 305 cm 958 cm
11′ 335 cm 1052 cm
360 cm 1130 cm
12′ 366 cm 1149 cm
370 cm 1162 cm
380 cm 1193 cm
13′ 396 cm 1243 cm
420 cm 1319 cm
425 cm 1335 cm
14′ 427 cm 1341 cm
430 cm 1350 cm
15′ 457 cm 1435 cm
16′ 488 cm 1532 cm
500 cm 1570 cm
17′ 518 cm 1627 cm