Understanding jumping mat qualities

trampoline bed quality criteria.

The best fabric for a trampoline mat is, without any doubt, the Permatron ® .
Made of Polypropylene, this special fabric is specially produced to meet the requirement  of jumping on a trampoline. With high strength, UV protection, resistance to moisture, capacity to return to initial form, bearing against flexing and stress, this material has been used for the past 20 years to equip most trampoline. Other cheaper fibre can be found on low-priced product.

Production process:

Having the good fabric is not the end of the road. High standard production will ensure a mat in perfect condition.
A closer look should be given to the following criteria :

  • Stitching :
    • thread must also be UV protected
    • seven row of stitches is generally considered the minimum requirement for a good trampoline bed.
  • The quality of the triangle that will hold the spring are also an important component. Usually made of steel, the diameter of the steel thread can vary wildly. In this area, the stronger the better.
    Some new trampoline offer a « full triangle » made with a plate covered by resistant synthetic triangles. This solution will slow down rust process.

Fact : a marking must always be on the centre of the trampoline to orientate the jumper toward the middle of the trampoline. Often a simple cross, this mark can also be a logo or simply the name of the trampoline.