Delivery – Advise

We inform you below on general advises concerning the delivery of your parcel.

Delivery process for light parcels (delivered by DPD or DHL) :

  • We communicate to you the tracking number the same day or the day following the sending.
  • Please click on the given link to estimate the actual day of delivery.
  • If you are absent during the delivery :
    • the delivery man leave a delivery notice with instructions :
      • either a new delivery will be organized
      • or the parcel will be left on a parcel shop near you.

Warning : you must control the state of the product before you accept the goods and sign the delivery form.

However, our product are far for being fragile. Thus, even if the cardboard is damaged, there is few chances that the product itself will be damaged.

Process during delivery:

  • Check the number of parcel
  • Check that the parcel AND the product are in good condition
  • If everything is OK, then sign the delivery slip.

What to do is a parcel is missing?

  • Write on the delivery slip “one parcel of XX kilo is missing” and contact us to inform us.
  • The delivery man will organise a second delivery
    or we will find the missing parcel and deliver it,
    or we will send a new parcel.

What to do if a cardboard is damaged?

  • Open the parcel in front of the delivery man.
  • If the product is in good condition, accept the delivery by signing the delivery note.
  • If the product is damaged, you have 2 solutions:
    • if the product is only slightly damaged, you can choose to indicate reserves or remarks on the delivery note (ie: “3 inch cut on the pad”). We will then find together a suitable compensation.
    • refuse delivery (motivate your decision on the delivery note or simply refuse delivery and don’t sign anything).
  • If you write reserves or remarks, be precise and describe what you see.
  • If possible, take pictures during the delivery.

What to do if the delivery man do not let you check the parcel or if the parcel is hard to check (ie: numerous spare parts?

  • Write the following on the delivery note “parcel unchecked since delivery man do not want to wait”.
  • If the parcel arrives already opened, which sometimes happens,then it might be difficult to check it if it contains 90 springs or other spare parts. In that case, please write the following “spare parts : not possible to check”
  • After you will contact us, we will send you a list in order to check the parcel content and, if necessary, send you the missing parts.

Non relevant reserves or remarks :

  • General reserve such as  “subject to unpacking” have no legal value and will not be accepted by the insurance company.
  • Writing reserves and remarks simply consist in describing what you see. It’s not more complicated than that..

What to do once reserves / remarks have been written?

  • Contact us the same day.
  • We will help you in order to find a quick solution.