How to choose your trampoline enclosure

To replace the enclosure on your trampoline, you will need several information depending on whether you want to replace the enclosure entirely (net + poles) or only the netting. For the latter, read the page on how to replace only the netting.

Replacing a complete net – purchasing a new enclosure :

In order to find the right replacement net for your trampoline, you need to know 3 informations :

  • Diameter of your trampoline :
    Do not trust what is written on paper or on internet and measure your trampoline. The real size of your frame can vary from the standard sizes (see the list of existing trampoline sizes for more explanation).
    A disparity in-between the measurement of your trampoline and the enclosure size of maximum 2 inches (5 cm) can be accepted. Your surround net will be a bit tight, or a bit loose, but it will do the work.
    If the size difference is higher than 2″, please contact us for advise.
  • Number of legs :
    This will give you the number of poles needed for your safety net. This is generally to be multiplied by two : a trampoline with 4 legs will be fitted with a 8 poles enclosure. Of course, it is also possible, with cheaper net, to install a 4 poles net on a 4 legs trampoline.
  • Pole attachment system :
    Watch closely the way the enclosure poles are connected to the trampoline legs. The design of a trampoline can vary and all spare parts are not always compatible. Ensure that what you see on pictures is similar to what you see on your own trampoline in order to be sure that installation will be easy and reliable.