Trampoline skirt

The skirt is a small net that is implanted on the bottom of the trampoline, in-between the bed and the ground. It prevents young children to crawl under the trampoline and risking to be hit by the jumper. Indeed, at every bounce, the mat goes down toward the ground and the trampoline user could punch any person being under the mat. The same accident can of course happens for big pets like dogs or with objects.
Before jumping, you should always make sure that nothing or nobody is under the mat.
The skirt is therefore recommended for families who have a toddler at home or for commercial locations such as camping.
The skirt is equipped with a bag where you can store shoes, keys, handy-phone and so on. Users should always empty there pocket before bouncing.
To choose the right size, you simply need to check the size of your trampoline.